April 21, 2024 2 min read

Preparing for the Upcoming Election: Essential Envelope Information

It’s election time again in the UK with only 2 weeks to go until this years Local, PCC & Mayoral elections on 2nd May, and the general election looming.

Perhaps you have clients wanting to send out targeted letters to voters in their local area, and need to know what to advise. Understanding the types of envelopes used in an election is crucial for ensuring compliance with legal requirements and optimising communication with voters. 

Election Envelopes

Elections require two specific types of envelopes:

  1. An oversized out envelope (typically windowed) for the exterior
  2. An undersized non-window envelope for the interior

These envelopes are not board-backed or gusseted but are regular white paper envelopes similar to those used for bills or letters.

The Outer Envelope (windowed)

The outer envelope that contains the mailing pack (covering letter, ballot paper and reply envelope(s)) is sent to the voter who has registered for postal voting. It is usually a window envelope so the address printed on the letter can be seen.  They are printed with purple flashes that bleed off the edges

For example, our 162 X 229MM C5 pennine white gummed wallet (3708) is the choice of mailing houses & direct mail users of envelopes. Designed to maximise efficiencies on mechanical mailing (automatic insertion) machines, they're also ideal for bulk mailings.

The Undersized Non-Window Envelope

This smaller reply envelope conceals the ballot paper, ensuring privacy and security.

Undersized non window election envelope

Political Campaign Envelopes

These are used mainly by political parties (and sometimes by pressure groups) and may be for raising awareness or fundraising:

  • Windowed Envelopes: Ideal for automatic insertion and individually addressed letters.
  • Front and Back Printing: We offer double-sided printing to ensure your message stands out among other mail.
  • Envelope Types: Choose from various sizes including C6, C5, and C4 to suit your campaign needs.

Voter Registration

Letters are sent out yearly by local authorities once per year to ensure the Electoral Register is up-to-date and usually consists of an outer envelope enclosing a form and a reply envelope for any responses. More recently they have also sent reminders about the new voter ID requirements.


For any campaign preparations, consult with us to benefit from our bespoke printing, personalised messaging, and automatic insertion services. We are here to ensure your campaign materials are handled efficiently and effectively.