Airship™ Bubble Padded Bags - recyclable and protective packaging 

Recyclablelightweight and water-resistant


Our Airship™ bubble bags are the ultimate in protective packaging. The envelope is lined with a protective layer made of bubbles which stiffens it and prevents it from being torn. It also cushions against and deadens shocks, and prevents scratches, creases, chips and breaks.

Our envelopes come plain, perfect for maximising personalisation or for trade resale. And they're also available in brown. 

Bubble envelopes are ideal for shipping and storing sensitive and vulnerable items (including CDs, electronic components, mobile phones, jewellery, gifts, documents, books, etc.). As we know, padded bags are a necessary staple in the packaging industry and this is the ultimate shock-absorbing and safe packaging solution. 

As well as that, the outer layer can be recycled separately from the inside bubble layer, making the whole envelope fully recyclable. 

What also sets this bubble bag apart, is that your customers can also print their logo or design on it easily for added visual appeal. Using our digital printer, we even can print logos, designs and customer's names and addresses to suit your client's, or your trade needs.

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