July 28, 2022 3 min read

Meet our new digital printer

We recently introduced Juno, our new digital printer, to our Peak office. And she’s fitting in rather nicely. But people must wonder, why did we need yet another printer when we already have production full of them?

Well this new digital printer can do all kinds of wonderful things. While Juno is able to print on any and all postal packaging, this printer also has a few tricks up her sleeve that her previous predecessors couldn’t offer. And in the world of printing and packaging, it is rather important that we have all your client’s needs covered. Juno has more potential than ever. For example, did you ever consider printing onto an egg carton with ease; or perhaps printing onto a burger box on a small print run for a client doing a limited festival run? Juno is closing the gap for us on those smaller jobs that before didn't seem possible, and helping us be able to print onto various packaging substrates for our packaging and print partners. She is kind of a printing superhero really. 

Let’s look at a few of the specifics which make Juno so useful in the Peak office:

  • You can do a short limited edition run for your clients. This is perfect for customers who want their own logos on their bespoke packaging pieces. These could be a smaller print run that previously you simply couldn’t offer because the price point wasn't right.
  • We have the ability to print variable data on just about any run - from envelopes and card mailers, to postal boxes and padded bags. If you have a thousand customers with different names and addresses, our digital printer has you covered with truly personalised messaging.
  • This printer does 4 colour printing (CMYK), and offers faster turnaround times, because the set-up is slightly faster, as is the printing. And we know that faster turnarounds for your client is everything in our busy modern world.
  • If you have a customer with really unusual packaging that's up to 90mm thick, we can do it – for example, egg cartons, burger boxes, pizza boxes, square gifts boxes, bound books, corrugated cardboard and pretty much anything porous. This is essentially the consumer range. Your clients know that their packaging is key to how consumers identify with their brand. And it’s important to stand out on a shelf or when delivered. 
  • And finally, it's easy to offer quick digital printing for customers who want to purchase straight off the shelf stock from you and have their logo added. Because the printer can print up to 4 colours, and is fast (did we mention how fast this printer is?), the turnaround times are even more unbelievable.

Juno our digital printer broadens your offering to your audience, making you more product and capability oriented. Of course, we still offer Flexo printingFlat sheet conversion, and overprint (Litho printing). And we know that overprint continues to be great for good quality short runs and allows for florescent & metallic inks and colour matching & digital, but in this ever changing market, it's important we stay on trend and ahead of the curve (or the printer in this case!), so Juno is going to pick up on the jobs where the others left off. 

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