November 30, 2022 2 min read

More and more customers are asking for postal boxes so here at Peak we are answering that need. Using our new digital printer, Juno, we can not only send you sustainable boxes in various sizes, but we can also print on them for a truly personal touch for your clients. 

With Christmas just around the corner (in less than a month truth be told), now is the time to be thinking about what your clients need, and it's not too late to order the perfect gift boxes, or to find out about getting their logo printed on top. 

But why have subscription boxes become the perfect and easy solution for your customers when boxing up their products (did you like that pun)? Well, here are three reasons... and these are just the ones we came up with off the top of our heads. I'm sure if we sat down in a team meeting we could come up with dozens!

1. It's a truly unique offering. Clients are ordering postal boxes with their logos and designs printed on them because they are a beautiful way to show off a brand, while also making sure the packaging is first class. We can all admit the famous plastic jiffy bag is no match for a beautifully printed kraft box (they can be ordered in white too). It tells the customer a story - your story. 


2. They're 100% sustainable. They are made from sustainable sources, the trees are replanted, and most of the options we offer are made right here in the UK. And isn't that what we want? Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to packaging as a whole.

3. They're flexible.Be it a subscription box that fits through the letter box every month, or a huge parcel with your favourite new wireless headphones, customers want their items handled with care, and eco boxes are flexible and durable. They have so many sizes available, they're sturdy and they look great. Plus they can be used again and again, flat-packed by the customer and gifted onto another person. 

Postal boxes a wonderful and cost effective invention for the modern consumer, especially those who would prefer to stay at home rather than venturing out onto busy cobbled streets filled with Christmas shoppers just to find the perfect gift. So do check with your customers, because it's likely they'll want to stock them too. 

If we can help you with anything postal box related, please don't hesitate to get in touch