110 x220 mm DL Air Mail White Window Air Mail Gummed Flap wallet EM233


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 Pre-printed Air-Mail envelopes to ensure that your mail gets the correct attention desired and gets to the correct place. For sending overseas mail, these are what you need.


Brand Air Mail
Size 110 x 220mm [DL] - fits A4 sheet folded twice
Colour White Air Mail
Window 35 x 90 - 18 up to 19 from left (this when the flap is to the top)
GSM 90 g (weight/thickness - the higher the value the thicker the product)
Opaque Opaque (security print on the inside)
Closure Gummed Flap
Style Wallet (opening on long edge)
Postal Size Letter (up to 165 x 240mm)
Pack Size 1000 Envelopes
Pallet Qty 72,000 (Envelopes of 1000)
Weight per item 2.8 grams